Leonhard Kurz presenting a design box series with new finishing colors and stamping structures at Luxe Pack

Colors and surfaces from another star

Fürth/Germany, 17 September 2018: The fourth edition of the Box in Box design boxes collection from Leonhard Kurz transports the viewer to unfamiliar design worlds. The new stylish boxes will be presented for the first time at Luxe Pack Monaco from the first to the third of October. The Kurz Trend Team once again enlisted the help of agencies to find the latest trends and social currents, and in doing so discovered four new trend directions. These trends are reflected in the printed motifs and decorative designs of the individual boxes. The designers at Kurz have also developed eight unusual stamping foil colors that capture and express contemporary moods and attitudes towards life.

One of these discovered trends is called Anonymous. As an alternative to the digital public domain, people seek to protect their private sphere and conceal their personality. The printed motifs on the box are superimposed by bar-like or asymmetrically dashed stampings. Luminescent lines and artistic microstructure stampings allow only fragments to be recognized and hide identities. One of the corresponding fashion colors is Dark Blur, a deep, saturated dark gray, which is a totally unusual color for stamping foils. It offers the full gloss of metallized foils but with a subdued mirror effect.

The Tomorrowland trend box represents the fascination for foreign worlds and far away galaxies, for unknown cultures and extraterrestrial materials. The structured surface of the box is reminiscent of distant planets. Blind embossings intersperse with print and stamping foil motifs. There is a tactile structure that is not recognizable at first glance; smooth and rough surfaces, irregular circular depressions, and gently raised areas alternate to turn the box into a haptic experience. The colors assigned to this trend are Strato Sky, a deeply saturated night sky blue, and Amorphus Blue, a soft, pale blue-green that appears to diffuse into another sphere.

Visitors to Kurz's booth DB 11 in Diaghilev Hall will have the opportunity to inform themselves about all four trends. In addition to the Box in Box and the fashionable foil colors, further new developments will also be on display. These include the semi-transparent Lumafin stamping foil for novel translucent effects, and the three-dimensional Trustseal 3D PLASTX design that is incorporated directly into plastic surfaces.