Leonhard Kurz is presenting semi-transparent stamping foils at Fachpack

Print finishing you can see through

Fürth/Germany, 7 August 2018: Leonhard Kurz has developed print finishing products with novel translucent effects. The Lumafin series will be presented for the first time at Fachpack 2018, from September 25-29 in Nuremberg. It is intended to offer brand owners new possibilities for differentiating their product from the competition, and for adding value. Kurz also hopes its new stamping foils will give packaging designers and graphic artists further creative scope. "A wide variety of creative and surprising design effects can be achieved using Lumafin. Our new product line is ideally suited for giving brands a memorable appearance and making them unmistakable," explains Holger Habekus, product manager for the graphics industry at Kurz.

High gloss and efficient ink transfer

The Lumafin color layers, which can be transferred by hot stamping, cold foil transfer or digital finishing, exhibit the characteristic smooth surface of these finishing technologies and a very high level of gloss and transparency. On coarse and/or pre-printed substrates, this can produce attractive matt/gloss contrasts. Additional tactile accents can be added by means of structured or relief embossing but, in contrast to spot varnishing, this is not essential. Besides its exceptional visual and haptic quality, Lumafin naturally also offers the known process advantages for stamping foils. The product range encompasses a variety of different colors. Changing the color is as simple as exchanging the foil rolls.

Glass and patina effects

The special characteristics of the translucent stamping foil really come into play when underprinting. Printed motifs overstamped with Lumafin obtain a distinct new coloring or depth of color and can appear as though behind glass or transparent plastic. The semi-transparent coating can produce special accents and unusual depth effects that maintain their overall appearance regardless of the viewing angle. Lumafin is available not only in a high-gloss/transparent version in a wide variety of colors, but also in translucent metallic tones that enable further special effects to be created. When combined with underprinted colors, the metallic shimmer can take on the appearance of antique bronzing, and various patina and vintage tones can be produced with one and the same foil. Visitors to Fachpack can see for themselves the special Lumafin translucent effects at the Kurz booth 7A-148 in Hall 7A.


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